RENÉ STAUD Car Photographer wax 100ml, 60% Carnauba wax

€690,00 (€690,00 / 100ml)
  • Learn from the best!
  • Recommended by René Staud for an optimal shine
  • Longevity and gloss level are balanced for the perfect appearance of your "star"

The SWISSVAX x René Staud Photographer's Wax

A collaboration born out of a shared passion for automotive perfection. Renowned car photographer René Staud, known for his masterful ability to capture the essence of automobiles, has teamed up with SWISSVAX to create a product that goes beyond the ordinary.

Lovingly crafted, the SWISSVAX Car Photographer Wax by René Staud is more than just a car wax – it's a work of art. This wax, infused with SWISSVAX expertise and René Staud's dedication, is designed to enhance the shine and presence of vehicles, reflecting the photographer's relentless commitment to his craft.

The SWISSVAX x René Staud Wax not only provides exceptional gloss and protection but also creates a flawless mirror effect on the vehicle's surface. This allows for photos with impressive clarity and striking beauty. This wax opens up entirely new possibilities for photographers to capture the beauty of the automotive world.

Experience the synergy of art and car care with the SWISSVAX x René Staud Car Photographer Wax – a testament to the pursuit of perfection, both in front of and behind the lens.